What Kind Of Vaper Are You?

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Like anything out there, there are levels to vaping. How involved are you? What is your enthusiasm regarding eCigarettes is and how frequently do you use yours? These are all good indications of what level of user you are.

However, when it comes to classifying with a particular sect of the vaping community, people tend to group themselves into one of two categories: casual vaper or veteran user.

The unfortunate thing about having just two identifiable groups of eCigarette users. It creates a gap that’s far larger than it needs to be between users. This forces vapers into a low or high end where they might not belong. As an example, if you’re the kind of person who frequently vapes–we’ll say daily for this example–but not someone who knows the ins and outs of their eCig. You might be thrust into the veteran crowd. You’re certainly not a newbie if you’re using an eCig every day. But then again, you might not be a veteran who can differentiate between different voltages, resistances or other such jargon.

Instead of breaking down eCigarette users into high and low tiers of users, why not a more structured approach? How about many levels that promote unity based on a variety of standards? Like this:

Tier 1 – The Vaping Vets:

These are the people who can take their eCigarette apart, put it back together, build their own coils, etc. If it has anything to do with vaping, this group will be able to tell you just about anything you want to know. If you’re the kind of person who tweaks to within .01v of their desired vape and fluctuates their hardware based on what’s in the tank, you belong in this group. If you’re not sure what “Ω” means, you might want to backtrack down the list a little…

Tier 2 – The Vaping Enthusiasts:

Got yourself a Lambo, Darwin or a Smok Quantum Box Mod? Know how to use it properly? If you’re into the new gadgets and can use them to great effect, you’re probably a pretty advanced user. You might not know everything there is to know about vaping, but you can definitely keep up in conversation when it comes to the finer points! You’re probably vaping while you read this… and you should be! You’re a real vaping enthusiast!

Tier 3 – The Moderate Vaper:

You’ve been vaping for a while now and know enough to explain what an eCig is? How it works and have enough knowledge to get someone else started on the right path. Moderate vapers are usually familiar with some pretty advanced hardware. You’re probably not rocking a Provari, but you wouldn’t be afraid to try one if only they didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Tier 4 – The Eager Vaper:

You’re probably fresh out off your training wheels and have moved up to something a little better than the 510 kit that you started with. You might be experimenting with an eGo and some cartomizers. But the thought of a variable voltage battery is just way too much for you to think about right now. Maybe in the future, you’ll think about making an investment into something bigger and better. But for now, you’re learning the finer points of vaping and are happy to be a part of such a great new community!

Tier 5 – The Newbie:

You probably just got a hand-me-down kit from a friend or decided to spend a few bucks on a starter eCigarette kit–but you’re ready to see what this vaping thing is all about! An eCigarette isn’t like your old analogs, but you’re getting used to this new contraption. Newbies are curious about bigger batteries, the different and best vape juice flavors and vaping altogether, but they’re not quite ready to get into things on any sort of in-depth level yet.

Tier 6 – What’s an eCig?:

You see those crazy eCig things hanging in the gas station and still wonder how they ever sell any. You may have seen something on the news about vape juice or seen one being used in the wild, but you just don’t understand why anyone would ever use one. Maybe one day when you’ve got a few extra bucks laying around, you might buy one from the convenience store down the street, but for now, you could care less about them.

Now, these probably aren’t even broken down enough to encompass everyone out there, but knowing that there are more levels than just beginner or advanced vapers is comforting to many people. The best thing to remember is that we all start somewhere and we all end up wherever we want to be: it all depends on how enthusiastic you are, what level of involvement you’re looking to attain and the resources available to you. You could be a newbie with an old 510, but if you’re interested and invested enough, you could be rocking a Darwin one day as an eCig enthusiast!

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