The Smokeless, Odorless Cigarettes

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How Does It Work?

The smokeless cigarette looks like a normal cigarette (so no fear of “looking different”). You still have the pleasure of lighting up by lighting the tip of the smokeless cigarette. The tip contains a bit of carbon, which releases a smoke that travels through an aluminum tube. The tube is coated with beads of tobacco essence and natural flavorings.

By the time this mixture reaches you, it tastes like hot tobacco smoke, delivering a dose of nicotine – so, you still get your fix.
What’s In Your Cigarette?
144529_f496Is It Healthier?

What you actually inhale contains much less tar, the mix of chemicals that causes cancer and lung disease. As well, the second-hand smoke is not nearly as intrusive as the smoke from regular cigarettes. It is supposed to be nearly odorless, dissipating quickly.

No ash is created! So, you no longer have to worry about ashes in your bed, missing as you flick out of the car window, or hiding those ash trays when the kids come in the room. Most importantly, no more ashes in your drinks!

Because the lit tip is recessed, it won’t be as easy to start fires with the Premier cigarette – no more holes in your clothes? No more scorch marks on the coffee table? No more flaming mattresses? The novelty of it all!

Yes or No?

Personally, I’m not a smoker. However, I would much rather prefer hanging out with someone who smokes one of these faux cigarettes than someone who is polluting themselves and everyone around them with the stink of real cigarettes.

Of course, it all comes down to choice.

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