Review of the Electronic Cigarette

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Smoking is Not a Joke and Quitting is Even More Serious….

Oh my goodness this really is a new era for smokers the e -Cigarettes, also known as an electronic cigarette, has many benefits from the traditional cigarette, the e cigarette can shield you and your family from the health risks associated with the lung damage caused by smoking traditional cigarettes.

Even a brief exposure to tobacco smoke causes immediate harm to the body, damaging cells and inflaming tissues.
Your DNA is altered to and this is what can cause cancer.
It’s all in the new US Surgeon Generals newly released four year study, which also found that smoking one cigarette- just the one- has been known to trigger heart attacks.

The e-cigarette is used as an aid for people who smoke, this electronic cigarette contains no tar, no cancer causing chemicals and works by using a small vaporizer that lets you continue to smoke but with out the bad stuff that you get from a normal cigarette.It is now possible to experience the smoking sensation of regular cigarettes without the harmful risks.

Why Traditional Cigarettes are Soooo Addictive
Recent “developments” in the tobacco industry include adding ammonia which speeds up delivery of nicotine to the brain, introducing sugar to cut the burning sensation when inhaling and designing filter holes to allow smoke to penetrate deeper into the lungs.
What does this mean?
First time smokers get addicted more quickly and long term smokers find it even harder to quit.

Chemicals In A Traditional Cigarette Include:

Smoking is not a joke and quitting is even more serious….

-One out of every five deaths is caused by tobacco
-Cigarettes are responsible for about 25% of deaths from residential fires,
causing nearly 1,000 fire-related deaths and 3,300 injuries each year.
-Smoking is an important risk factor for respiratory illnesses, causing
85,000 deaths per year from pulmonary diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia
-Smoking as a habit is a slow killer

Could This Really be The Alternative to Smoking Traditional Cigarettes?

We want to know more…
1. The cartridge, this holds the nicotine /or non nicotine what ever you chose
2 The .Atomizer/ Makes the smoke effect for your e-cigarette, when inhaled the atomizer activates, releasing droplets into the air flow. The resulting mist is then inhaled by the user which releases water vapor and that simulates smoke.
3 The Battery
You can buy tobacco flavored cartridges and menthol flavored cartridges that have been carefully developed to match the taste of a real cigarette. Thus providing real smoking satisfaction.
Personal Vaporizer electronic cigarette liquid high quality great taste, and best vapor. Not intended for minors, purchase of this product verify’s that the buyer is 18 years of age, or older.

What are the Benefits of the e-cigarette, electronic cigarette:

E-Cigarette (or electronic cigarette), the modern method of kicking the smoking habit. Featuring premium cigarette flavor, packaging, look and feel. People will be amazed when they see this realistic e-cigarette pulled out of its ultra-real box package, and witness that it puffs and smokes like a real cigarette, but without the smell or nuisance. For easing the transition, this set comes with 4 cartridges that start from a high level and gradually moves to a no nicotine level.

Each level is long lasting (with the approx amount of smoking 20 cigarettes) and makes the habit feel natural through the whole process. The e-cigarettes are tar free and non-carcinogenic. The electronic cigarette package is easy to use, small, and most of all an inexpensive way of quitting the smoking habit (compared to less effective nicotine gums or patches). This is excellent health gadget for resale, and is sure to net you a huge profit or simply help yourself or a friend have a healthier life

You wont get any of the 4000 + chemicals in your e-cigarette, like tar, or carbon monoxide that is found in a traditional cigarette , you cannot burn anything with your electronic cigarette, you wont smell of smoke with your electronic cigarette, your e-cigarette contains no tobacco.

Your breath wont smell it wont stain your teeth your clothes wont smell. You will be accepted as a none smoker not isolated and rejected.

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