Review of Loop City by Vape Wars

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Nicotine Strength  0mg 3mg 6mg

Bottle Size  60ml

VG/PG  Not Specified

Price  $18.99 / 60ml bottle


Fruit Loops are blended with a creamy vanilla milkshake in this e-liquid.


Loop city e-juice by Vape Wars is a Star Wars inspire vape juice. The e-liquid is in a white bottle that has the Vape Wars logo clearly printed at the center of the bottle. The flavor is indicated on the lower part of the bottle. The bottle has a dropper style cover which makes filling up the vape tank easy. You also will not spill the contents of the e-liquid because of the bottle design. This flavor comes in a 60ml bottle.

The Flavor

When you start to taste the flavor of this e-liquid, you will then be brought back to the many breakfasts you experienced with Fruit Loops. It is like being a young child again.

The flavor of this e-juice comes from the favorite Fruit Loop cereal with a vanilla milkshake. Once you inhale the juice, you will immediately taste the fruit loops. You then taste the vanilla milk shake flavor upon exhaling. There is no chemical aftertaste with the juice and the sweetness is just enough to keep you wanting for more. This is one e-liquid that definitely brings back happy childhood memories of Fruit Loop breakfasts. Once you get to taste the rich flavor of the fruit loops with a vanilla milkshake, you very well may consider making this e-juice your everyday vape liquid. It has a relaxing taste that makes you want to taste the flavor all the time. The flavor isnot hard to like because the Fruit Loops in the juice taste so real. You may have tasted other e-juices with a similar flavor but Vape Wars made sure that Loop City is one of a kind.

Throat Hit

The 6mg nicotine level for this e-juice is the highest one for the product. It gives a stronger throat hit but is tolerable and does not irritate y

our throat. There is a sweet sensation that travels through your throat when you inhale, but is not harsh. If you also just want to enjoy the fruit loop flavor without the hit, you may choose to get the 0mg nicotine concentration for this product.

Cloud Production

Vape Wars Loop City gets a good score when it comes to vapor production. The clouds tha

t are produced by this e-juice are thick and do not dis

appear right away. You can also smell the scent of fruit loops with vanilla milk shake when the clouds come out. The scent stays longer and is not irritating to the nose.

Where To Buy?

The Loop City e-juice by Vape Wars can be purchased from Strictly Juice. It is sold at a ch

eap price and you definitely will get the best value f

or your money because of its exquisite blend. There are also other e-juices sold on the Strictly Juice website that you can choose from. Loop City by Vape Wars is for sure worth a try.

Loop City e-juice has the real flavors of Fruit Loops mixed with a vanilla milkshake. The flavor mixed in the juice is definitely hard to resist. You want to keep coming back for more. This product by Vape Wars is sold at an affordable price which you can easily pick up on the Strictly Juice website. Loop City

has the right amount of sweetness that excites your taste buds. The rich flavor that comes with the liquid is one that you will not get tired of. Cloud chasers will enjoy the cloud production from this e-juice because of the thick vapor that it produces. There is no weird taste that comes out from the juice and it just has the right smoothness of throat hit. This is an e-liquid that is worth a try.

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