Dunk’d Premium E Juice Review

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Who’s craving for some doughnuts dipped in a cup of hot coffee? I do! But before we make plans on feeding our stomachs, let’s check this Dunk’d e-juice that offers that same taste. Are you excited? Because I am. But before heading to the e-juice itself, let us get to know the genius behind this flavor. This Dunk’d e juice is made by Dynamic Creations, which is an ISO lab from Long Island, New York. It has a wide array of e-juices and one of them is this Dunk’d blend.

According to its website, “Dunk’d is the breakfast of champions. A sweet, scrumptious taste of a frosted doughnut dipped into a fresh, hot cup of dark roast coffee. This juice is perfect for when you’re reading the morning paper or when you need that afternoon pick me up.” I have to admit, that profile description really made me starve and drool. Anyways, doughnut dipped in coffee, let’s see.

First, I have to praise how this e-juice is able to deliver what it promises. On the inhale, you will be welcomed with that bread-like donut flavor. For me, it is more of a plain rather than a frosted doughnut. I can’t taste those sweet, colorful and cute toppings. On the exhale, all you can say is there’s my coffee. It tastes almost like a coffee bean but there is some richness to it. It is perfectly blended, with the coffee flavor not overwhelming at all. When I said richness, I meant that this is not your typical black brewed coffee. The taste is actually somewhere between milky and rich, close to a fudge. The flavor of this blend is pretty impressive. The doughnut flavor does not taste like your standard doughnut flavor e-juices. It is very unique in its own way, and it stands out among the rest that I have tasted.

Again, all the profiles they claim are true — bread-like fluffiness of a donut dumped in a rich, creamy coffee. Another thing I love about this e-juice is that it does not stain your wicks or gunk up your atomizers. The coffee flavor is not overly sweet, and most importantly, it is not like your Splenda-type artificial sweetness. And the throat hit, ahhh it is so smooth I can’t complain. It does not give a nose burning sensation like other brands out there. This sure is a perfect all-day vape partner.

When it comes to aroma, this e-juice does not disappoint. Brace yourself for the soothing smell of coffee the instant you get that lid off the bottle. I bet you will agree with me if I say the smell of coffee just relaxes your nerves. The smell of doughnut is also there, although the coffee is more prominent. Scent is really nice!

This Dunk’d e juice contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. The vegetable glycerin serves as a flavor and nicotine carried and this is responsible for the e-juice’s vapor. On the other hand, the propylene glycol is the basis for throat hit. The higher the propylene glycol content, the stronger the throat hit. Interestingly, for a 70VG/30PG e-liquid, the Dunk’d already has a pretty thick, very dense, and very milky cloud. Cloud chasers will surely have a pretty solid cloud experience with this baby.

Presentation-wise, the e-liquid is stored in a clear bottle with a black dropper cap. The appearance is very simple and clean. The images displayed are pretty self-explanatory — a doughnut dunked in a cup of coffee. You can see on the side important information such as the bottle size, the nicotine concentration level, and the brand/flavor name.

And lastly, the price of the Dunk’d e-juice is reasonable. For an e-juice with delicious flavor, the price is worth it. You can grab your own Dunk’d bottle for as low as $24.99 (60 mL) only at http://www.dunkdeliquid.com/. Enjoy that delightful yet smooth doughnut Dunk’d into your cup of coffee! (See what I did there? LOL!) This is suitable anytime of the day, may it be during breaks or as breakfast to kick start your day. Nothing keeps you going than a cup of good tasting coffee paired with a piece of doughnut. Two thumbs up! I am definitely buying this again.

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