Beginners’ E-Cigarette Tutorial

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Beginner Guide – Start Here

You’re over 18 and you’re a cigarette smoker. If both of those don’t apply, then don’t think about buying an e-cigarette as it’s not for you.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative nicotine supply system or a replacement form of smoking; they can be viewed as a tobacco harm reduction product or a consumer product like low-alcohol beer, depending on your point of view. Most e-cigarette users are smokers who do not intend to quit, they are looking for a better way of doing it. Some people believe they have quit smoking when they use an electronic cigarette, others think it is just a safer alternative, but most simply don’t care about any aspect of the terms used.

Some people move along to using zero-nicotine refills eventually, and some quit entirely. Most couldn’t care less about any aspect of it as long as they don’t smoke cigarettes anymore.

The various components of an e-cigarette

As we have seen, standard electronic cigarettes can be 2-piece or 3-piece formats. Batteries can be auto or manual switch, heads can be 2 or 3-piece.

  • 2-piece models have a battery (‘batt’) and a cartomizer (‘carto’)
  • 3-piece models have a battery and an atomizer (‘atty’) and a cartridge (‘cart’)

Since they have special Li-ion (lithium ion) rechargeable batteries of 3.7 volts, a dedicated charger is needed. All parts are interchangeable between both your spares box and other suppliers of the same model number – so in fact what you have is a collection of parts and you can screw anyone part on to any other within the same model range, to make up a ‘complete unit’.

All parts are disposable. This means that you do not have a ‘unit’ that will last forever, the individual parts have an expected service life that is a minimum of one month although they may well last longer. For example:

  • Batteries last about 200 recharges on average but can die earlier than this.
  • Atomizers normally have a 30-day warranty but can last much longer. If they die before 30 days you should get a replacement. You need spare atomizers as they can sometimes fail after only a few days.
  • Cartridges pretty much last forever as they are just a plastic liquid holder. However, the filler material needs changing regularly.
  • The battery charging unit should last well, although it can’t last forever.
  • With a 2-piece model, the cartomizers are disposable when empty. However, they can be refilled with a little DIY. About 5 refills are the average number before they become unusable (although they can be washed out or even have new filler put in).

What to consider?

If you are over 18, and you are a tobacco smoker, and you’ve made the decision to try e-cigarettes – what now? Firstly you need to buy a starter kit. This has everything you need to get you going – an e-cigarette, refill liquid, and a battery charger.

When you will take your final decision for buy an electronic cigarette then following points are your must check consideration:

● How often / how much do you smoke?
● Do you need more battery rather than one?
● Do you expect to be enjoy smoking while out & about or for when only at home?
● What’s your budget?
● What type of backup do you want for it?

There are hundreds of models but the simple advice is: buy best low-hassle option and common kit that is more fiddly but with better upgrade options.

What will you need to start?

  • A  vaping mod/pen – it is a vaping device like a pen
  • A cartomizer – A transparent tank that will contain e-Liquid
  • A drip-tip -Mouthpiece
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • E-juice or E-liquid

What’s the best option for beginners in the market?

These are the cheapest introduction to the concept and will allow you to get started at minimum cost while giving you a good chance of finding a suitable model. These are what we call a mini – basically a cigarette clone. They are the same size as a normal cigarette and can be made to look exactly like one.

The KR8 model is a two-piece e-cigarette with a battery and cartomizer. The 510 is a three-piece model with a battery, atomizer, and cartridge. All parts can be purchased separately. Each of these two models is the ‘benchmark’ for its type – a very common and popular model that will serve you well as your first e-cig. The starter kit has everything you need to set you up and get started. The kits vary in their content, from supplier to supplier, but all contain the basics. There is some variation in content, and in quality, which explains the price differences.

Buying a regular-style starter kit is the cheapest / quickest way to get going, and the KR8 or 510 are models/types that are known to be reliable. Each has its own particular advantages:

  • The KR808 is the simplest possible arrangement, no DIY of any kind is ever required if that is the user’s preference. The KR8 is a 2-piece model and uses cartomizers. Best deal for starter kits check cape vaping supplies.
  • The 510 is the benchmark for 3-piece models, almost all the parts are re-usable in the case of an upgrade. It is a better fit for people who like to tinker or who will upgrade regularly, as most parts can be used with subsequent models purchased – the 510 range is the base for numerous add-ons. It can use either an atomizer + cartridge or a cartomizer.

End fittings

All e-cigs use a battery but there is some variation in the head units (heater coil and liquid holder), of which there are several types. Some of these commonly-used words are abbreviated, as there are many long or complex names. The battery provides the power, the head comes in different forms:

  • 3-piece models: atomizer and cartridge (‘atty’ and ‘cart’) – a separate heater element holder and liquid reservoir.
  • 2-piece models: cartomizer (‘carto’) – the heater coil and liquid holder are combined in one unit.
  • Batteries (‘batts’) come in various sizes.
  • 2-piece variant: tanks – these are large tanks that surround a carto and feed liquid into it, holding up to 120ml of liquid for heavy users like big f’n deal e-juice.The first models were made from syringe bodies, as they were the right size and transparent.


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