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Welcome at Vape Mash


The nicotine? The ritual? Just sitting down with a smoke and relaxing?

VaporMash will replace all these things for you and leave a lot of the bad things out!As simple as that sounds, VaporMash is here to change thousands of people’s lives for the better- giving them back the tar-free life style of a non-smoker, better smelling clothes and homes, and saving a substantial amount of money every month.

We are in the experimental phase with using e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. After conducting quite a bit of research online, my husband placed an order with a U.S. company online. Within just a few days he received his first e-cig. It was the traditional cigarette style. It looked amazingly like a real cigarette. After charging the batteries, he tried his first puff. We were shocked by the amount of vapor that it released how much it resembled smoke but without the smell. I was able to detect a slight fragrance, but it was pleasant. It smelled similar to roasted marshmallows. It had a sweet, yet caramelized smell to it. He experienced a good throat hit with the nicotine and it held all of the sensations he expected as a smoker. However, based on our research beforehand, we felt that the e-cig we purchased was not performing optimally battery-wise and contacted the company for a refund. They exhibited great customer service and have sent us a replacement model that is far superior and my husband is quite pleased with it. We also ordered a pen-style from another company and have been very pleased with their customer service as well. We have found that another supplier for the nicotine juice. The cartridges on most of the e-cigs can be reused by “topping off” using the drip method. There are tons of videos about this method and it’s simple to do. The flavors my husband has experimented with are: Cola, Tennessee Cured, Cherry, Licorice, Hawaiian Coffee, Cool Mint, as well as some generic flavors designed to simulate Marlboro cigarettes. He was the least impressed with those. So far, his favorite seems to be the Cola and the Cherry. He’s also mixed the Cola and Cherry.

He hasn’t had a regular cigarette since the 1st of May. He feels great. I’m not big on controversy, or even glorifying it by talking about it. However, you should be aware that there are some people that feel that electronic cigarettes should be banned. You can bet the leading tobacco companies will not be too keen on seeing the e-cig succeed. They are a powerful lobbying group. There are also some health professionals that would prefer the smoker to quit entirely, and they feel that switching to a nicotine replacement isn’t really solving much. From my own personal experience, I hope they continue to be offered and that the competition will improve the quality and price. If you’re a smoker, or care about someone who is, I’d highly recommend you research the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes if quitting smoking has been an obstacle in the past. I also think as more people are aware of them, they will be more widely accepted


The truth is that while I feel it is safer for me, and even though there have been some studies done, I can’t tell you that it is any better for you than regular cigarettes. I can tell you for sure that cigarettes do have chemicals and agents in them that are proven to cause cancer, emphysema, and a host of other health related issues. Ultimately I believe that the choice should be left to individuals and not to the FDA. Soon the only choice we may have is e cigarettes without nicotine, or tobacco. I still choose my e cigarette.

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