ZeroCig Review

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When I heard tell of a legitimate e-cig starter kit that could be mine for the low price of $19.95, a feeling of disbelief came over me, followed by a half-baked conspiracy theory. I began to suspect that the Shamwow guy had meandered into the e-cig market, promising starter kits for under twenty dollars, only to end up gouging my wallet with exorbitant shipping and handling fees that were cleverly hidden in a size 7 font. But alas, there is a better explanation: Zero Cig brand electronic cigarettes are sitting comfortably in the bargain basement.


This is one of the lowest prices that I’ve seen for a basic starter kit in today’s competitive e-cig market, but will its quality stand up? I decided to test the two ZeroCig Starter Kits that really defied the average price of similar products; the Express Kit and the Original Starter Kit. So check out this full review and see what I found out about ZeroCig:

Zero Cig Review Overview and Specs

ZeroCig e-cigs are based on a modified (improved) version of a less-often encountered e-cig specification called M401, which is one of the mini-style models that aim to replicate the size and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette. While older generation super-mini e-cigarettes were a disappointment in the cartridge department in particular (only holding a few drops of e-liquid and requiring constant refills). This is a 2-piece model with battery and disposable cartomizer refills, the common setup with most popular e-cigs on today’s market.

I have to readily admit how Zero Cig surprised me at how impressively it performs with its updated battery technology and the brands own easy to use super-convenient cartomizers. The difference between the vaping experience provided by the amazingly affordable ZeroCig is night and day better, versus traditional super-mini 3-piece units.  That said there is a clear and unavoidable compromise made when it comes to battery capacity and other aspects in contrast with the ZeroCig’s larger and more flexible peers in the ‘mini’ e-cig category and up.

The ZeroCig device is quite literally the same width as a standard cigarette and only an inch longer. Choosing a mini style e-cig for realism means downgrading to a smaller battery, but if you are looking for a tobacco cigarette-like experience or just a miniature e-cig, it’s well worth picking one of these up.

The sub-$20 “Express Kit” is ZeroCig’s claim to fame in the recent e-cig news. This budget-friendly option includes the bare essentials: 1 Lithium “Super Battery”, 1 cartridge (16mg in either Tobacco or Menthol) and 1 USB Charger. Obviously, this kit is not going to blow your mind with options or cause your kit to burst at the seams, but a beginning e-cig user will have everything they need to start getting adjusted.

The other kit I tested, the Original Standard Starter Kit ($29.98), comes with that same lithium “Super Battery”, 4 cartridges (choices of 0mg, 11mg or 16mg strength and tobacco or menthol flavor), 1 USB multi-charger and a black ZeroCig carrying case. This option is only a $10 increase in exchange for 3 extra cartridges and a carrying case.

ZeroCig offers three strengths of refill cartomizers: 0mg, 11mg, and 16mg, in addition to these flavor options: Tobacco, Menthol, Mocha, Cherry, Chocolate, Banana, and Strawberry. Their refills cartomizers come in packs of 5 and run for about $10 each with varying strength options for each flavor.

What I Enjoyed About ZeroCig

They Are Bite-Sized E-Cigs

Any e-smoker who still has a tiny place in their heart for those tobacco cigarettes of their past should try using ZeroCig’s mini-style e-cig. I found that it really helps fill that gap, reminding me why e-cigs are so much better than those carcinogenic toxic sticks. I just have to love the traditional cigarette width on these e-cigs, they make for a nostalgic, realistic smoking experience.

Surprisingly Strong Battery

Even with devices that are in the mini-style, the ZeroCig’s Starter Kits that I tested included their “Super Battery”, which actually lives up to its name. Even though I was stuck with a small battery, I still managed to get about 250 puffs per charge, which is nothing to sneer at. You’re obviously not going to get groundbreaking battery life, but I thought it held up well and was a decent tradeoff for the mini-style, realistic smoking experience that it provides.

The price

This is obviously the deal breaker for me with the ZeroCig brand of e-cigs. The Express Kit was probably a bit too bare for me to recommend, even to beginners, especially when the Original Starter Kit is only running for $10 more. You’re going to have to order extra cartridges anyways, so you may as well step up a level and get that convenient carrying case (it really does come in handy). A quality basic starter’s kit for under $30? I have to give props to ZeroCig for pulling that off; especially when there are similar-quality kits out there that run for double the price of theirs. While I’m on the topic, you can lower the price even further by using one of the 10% off coupon codes right here on this site. Just enter the code in if you end up ordering a Starter Kit on ZeroCig’s official website and you get an easy discount.


Full Rating Breakdown for ZeroCig Brand

Price  10/10

Can’t say it enough; ZeroCig comes through to provide a quality to price ratio like I’ve never seen before in this market. Nothing like a friendly e-cig brand to help out the e-smoking community as we battle through a global recession.

Quality/Technology  8/10

ZeroCig didn’t really break any ground for vapor volume or battery life, but I have to give them points for pulling off such a quality mini e-cig. Their device feels sturdy as I puff on it, especially considering it’s size. This is definitely a robust product; sturdy and small, providing beginning smokers with probably the most real-to-life tobacco simulation I’ve ever found in an e-cig.

Appearances  9/10

I have to say that this really is my favorite skinny e-cig to date. I like how it feels and I like how it looks as I use it. And this rings especially true for those beginners out there that are looking to emulate tobacco cigarettes as they make the transition.

Accessories/Cartomizer Options  8/10

ZeroCig definitely has some cool accessories; I’m particularly fond of the mini-battery (even smaller than the Super Battery) and the alternative black batteries that you can buy in their site’s replacement section.

As for cartomizers, I personally wouldn’t trade them for my preferred bottom-coil KR8 cartomizers yet way really impressed at both the amount of satisfying vapor and the ease of draw ZeroCig pumps out of such a tiny package. There is no doubt in my mind that the average smoker is looking for an inexpensive e-cigarette. One that will satisfy their nicotine cravings and not leave them rushing back to their trusted pack of cigarettes after the first battery charge, ZeroCig definitely provides a solid, and importantly for those new to e-cigs, a very realistic experience.

There is a nice array of flavors on offer for a relative upstart (few brands offer as much variety as I prefer), but I found they couldn’t really match up to the stronger flavor collections out there and ended up sticking to their classic Tobacco flavor which I do really like. (It has a nice blended tobacco taste that should appeal to a wide cross-section of smoker’s preferences.) Hopefully, ZeroCig will offer an enhanced range of flavors as they grow in months ahead.

The need for a little more by way of options applies even more to the variety of their cartomizer strengths; ZeroCig only carries 0mg, 11mg and 16mg strengths which leaves low-range and particularly heavy-range users out to dry. While 16mg will satisfy almost all users, those who smoke lights and/or smoke more occasionally would definitely appreciate a 6mg option. This is a complaint I make of many, not just ZeroCig Heavier users would really appreciate a 24mg option. But certainly, the other benefits of the product make it worthwhile to adjust daily intake accordingly.

Final Comments and Conclusions On The ZeroCig E-Cigarette

After my trials, I really just can’t emphasize enough that this brand is real, really fitting for the smoker that is looking to make the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. The price range on the Original Starter Kit is low enough that no huge investment is needed, their market-topping price of under $30 for a truly quality e-cig really cements this in my mind as the ultimate purchase for new electronic cigarette users. Not to pile it on, but this brand also requires little maintenance and makes the refill process completely painless for those that are just learning to live an e-cig lifestyle.

I highly recommend ZeroCig’s budget best e cigs Starter Kits to new and budget-conscious e-cig users alike and most financially-savvy decision you could make in the current e-cig market!

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