Vape Moar Summer Sweetie Eliquid Sampler Review

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Although watermelon is a very common flavor, it is actually one of the trickiest flavors to capture into a vape liquid. If not perfected, the taste can sometimes end up overly sweet or overpowered by other flavors mixed with it. Perhaps this is the reason why I was both surprised and impressed as Vape Moar Summer Sweetie flavor gets closer to the mark of having a very delicious watermelon taste.

“There’s a special time during the peak of summer when the watermelon’s are ripe on the vine and at their most delicious, anyone whose ever tried one of these ripe, juicy treats knows true love. We’ve captured that love and bottled it, just for you! This is no candy eliquid, we’ve worked hard to give you all of the watermelon flavor and sweetness, without the additives that make a lot of melon eliquids cloyingly sweet. You’ll love the thin but powerful flavor, just like a real watermelon. It’s a flavor you can vape all day without feeling overpowered or blown away by the sticky sweetness of.”

The instant you vape this ejuice, you will definitely get that watermelon taste. It tastes like a flavored water or a bottled pure watermelon juice. This gives you a refreshing taste, as if an entire watermelon fruit has been squeezed and its juice directly dropped into this bottle. The bold but not overwhelming sweet watermelon taste is really evident on both the inhale and exhale. This surely is a perfect summer heat buster!

Summer Sweetie is a perfect all-day vape. It has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 78/22. As expected, the consistency of the ejuice is nice but thick. The vapor, on the other hand, is smooth and pleasant. You don’t have to worry about possible nose tingling sensation or fits of coughing or spluttering. In terms of clouds, prepare for dense, humongous, watermelon-scented clouds that can fill any room easily.

For most fruit-based flavors, I am almost always particular with its sweetness. Some blends just tend to be mixed with artificial sweeteners, and I can’t tolerate such. Interestingly, Vape Moar Sweetie Summer does not contain any sweeteners or additives at all.

Just like the rest of Vape Moar products, Summer Sweetie comes in a glass bottle with a twist-off, child-resistant cap. Its label is pretty straightforward and contains all relevant information about the ejuice. The label displays the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and the usual warnings, to name a few.

There are five nicotine levels available for Summer Sweetie. It comes in 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, and 16 mg of nicotine. While most cigarette smokers rarely know the nicotine level in their stick, nicotine concentration in vaping is very important. It plays a huge part for you to attain your ultimate vaping experience. There are actually several things you need to consider when picking the best option. Factors such as taste, throat hit, usage, and smoking equivalency should all be put into consideration. For example, an e cig juice with a higher nicotine level can produce a harsher taste and throat hit. Experimenting is one way to find your perfect nicotine level.

Overall, I recommend Summer Sweetie for fruit flavor lovers and watermelon enthusiasts or even those who are hunting for a refreshing summer blend. This can be a perfect alternative from your routine dessert or bakery based flavors too. I love its spot-on flavor, excellent vapor/cloud production, it’s perfect for an all-day vape, and simple packaging. Of note, since this flavor has no cream notes, it can be very bright at high heat.

You can grab your own Summer Sweetie eliquid sampler (18ml) for as low as $3 only at Vape Moar. If you are not in the mood for some fruits, check out other blends in its Small Prices category. You can pick between Spring Fling, Yuletide Cheer, Berry Bomb, Café Cream, Cool Customer, Baker’s Bean, and a whole lot more!

Vape Moar is a relatively new brand that aims to go above and beyond the norm with its new kind of policy. It wants to deliver premium quality product at wholesale prices to you, the end vapers. This means it is directing its products to consumers, cutting out middle men. Overall, it wants to produce top quality eliquids for less money.

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