Top Rated Best Electronic Cigarettes To Buy

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Which Electronic Cigarette Should I Buy?

So you’ve heard about the electronic cigarette and your considering purchasing one but don’t know where to start. Well, I will try to help you decide by going over the top rated best electronic cigarettes on the market, reputable dealers you can purchase them from, and also where to buy the best e juice to refill your cartridges.

Electronic Cigarette

Top Rated Best Electronic Cigarettes

I have compiled a list of the top rated best electronic cigarettes based on user reviews. Since everyone has varying opinions on different models owned, I will not be listing these in any particular order. This will just be a list of the most prefered electronic cigarettes to purchase on the market.

1. DSE901 Electronic Cigarette One of the most commonly purchased e cigs online, the DSE091 has a reputation of being reliable and produces great amounts of vapor. Still very similar in looks to an analog (real) cigarette but just a bit longer.

2. DSE801 Electronic Cigarette (Classic Penstyle) The DSE801 was one of the first models of electronic cigarettes on the market. Even though time has gone by, the DSE801 is still extremely popular and sometimes hard to find in stock. It is similar to a pen, only longer and sleeker. The cartridge is a decent size making it less of hassle to refill as frequently as the smaller e cigs. The battery life is pretty good on these babies and it also produces plenty of vapor. There is also another penstlye on the market, the RN4072 which has been reported to have atomizer issues. (but all models have atomizer issues anyways)

3. Super Mini Electronic Cigarette The smallest electronic cigarette on the market that very closely resembles the real thing. This is a lightweight, compact and produces decent amount of vapor. This was my first e cigarette and I have had no real problems with it in the 3 months of owning it. This is a great e-cig for beginners just starting out.

4. The Screwdriver Electronic Cigarette (from the UK) has been a major winner for those that have tried almost all the models on the market.. If you don’t mind smoking out of a device that actually looks like a screwdriver than this might just be for you. It’s bigger and looks nothing like a cigarette, just one heck of a vaping device. The plus of this model is that it has the battery power to keep up with the demands of the daily smoker without having to charge it every few hours.

5. 510/Yeti/dura Electronic Cigarette These units have recieved good scores however some have reported good battery life and excellent vapor in the beginning only to come back later to report that both have diminished only after a few weeks of use. The atomizer also seems to get overheated quickly.

SIDENOTE: Prices for starter kits range anywhere from $50- $130. Don’t assume because it is a higher price, you are getting higher quality e cig.

Cons of Using E Cigarettes

Although you will avoid over 4000+ toxic chemicals found in the traditional analong cigarette and save a ton of money by switching to electronic cigarettes, you have to remember one thing:

No matter what model you decide on, there will be a point where you will have to eventually replace the batteries, and atomizers. When ordering a starter kit, if it is not included make sure you add an additional atomizer for backup.

Stand Up For Electronic Cigarettes!

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarette Juice

If you get to the point where you feel comfortable enough to refill your own cartridges instead of buying cartridges pre-filled, than you should do so. You will definitely save money by refilling your own cartridges.

Most e liquid is made with Propylene Glycol but there are a few companies that make e liquid with USD/food grade vegetable glycerin for those that are allergic to PG or can’t tolerate it.
Some electronic cigarette sites carry their own E-juice, but I’m going to list a few reputable ones here.

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