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Irritations And Dangers Of Smoking

Many people who are addicted to smoking cigarettes have begun to not only experience a deterioration in their health, but the habit is damaging their relationships as well. Smoking cigarettes is very harmful to the smoker as well as to people who spend a lot of time around them breathing their smoke. Tobacco cigarette smoke leaves a very unpleasant smell, as well as brown stains, on everything it comes into contact with, and it is an expensive habit to maintain. There have been cases where smoking cigarettes has actually severely damaged and even broken up marriages. At the very least, they add extra hardships on a smoker’s non-smoking partner.

One of the main reasons that relationships fail nowadays is due to finances, or a lack thereof, and with hundreds of dollars spent on cigarettes annually it can be a heavy drain on a couple’s budget, many times creating a feeling of resentment from the non-smoking partner. Thankfully, now there is a new product which may completely change the cigarette industry as well as millions of peoples’ lives. The smokeless cigarette, also called ecigs or ecigarettes, provide the user with the nicotine they crave through vaping rather than smoking, without all he harmful ingredients that can cause cancer and other major health problems.

According to several studies done on the effects or dangers of electronic cigarettes such as the one by Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health, there is a strong evidence that ecigarettes are many times safer than tobacco cigarettes (paraphrased to avoid duplicate content).

No Smoking – No Problem!

Many people cannot stand to be without nicotine for a long period of time because they have reached such a high point of addiction. This can be very difficult to handle because so many places across the United States have a ban against smoking. Restaurants, malls and public transportation can sometimes be an agonizing time for addicts and they may feel the urge to leave early or take breaks to smoke. With the smokeless cigarette, it will no longer be necessary to walk across huge parking lots or take excessive breaks just to find a safe place to get in a smoke because they release no harmful ingredients into the air, and you should be able to enjoy your ecigs any place that smoking is typically banned.

Smokeless cigarettes, also referred to as a nicotine delivery device, initiate smoking without the negative side effects. When the user inhales at the end, an atomizer releases a nicotine-flavored vapor mist which carries only trace amounts of the tobacco-specific nitrosamines present in tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products, making it much more pleasant for anyone who is near the smoker. It also leaves no unpleasant smells on your clothes or bad taste in your mouth after ‘smoking’.

Unlike ordinary cigarettes, costing anywhere between $3 to $6 a box, a smokeless cigarettes starter kit can be purchased for around $60, and a carton of nicotine cartridges, which can last for 2 weeks or longer (depending on how heavy you smoke) can be purchased for around $25 per carton. This makes smoking (vaping> much more affordable while also satisfying the cravings that nicotine gives to its users.

Smokeless cigarettes are quickly becoming a common replacement for deadly tobacco cigarettes, thus making their users much less susceptible to the dangers and diseases inherent in smoking. They provide the average smoker a means to satisfy their nicotine addiction without the harmful toxins and chemicals or unpleasant odors of traditional cigarettes. Once these smokeless cigarettes become more widely available, they are sure to give the tobacco industry a run for their money.

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