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The FDA has clear jurisdiction over any drug that claims to be a smoking cessation drug as they should. It is flat out wrong to make claims that cannot be substantiated through studies. 80% of the people who use the patch to quit smoking are back to smoking in less than a year, probably not because there is anything wrong with the patch, but because the psychological draw of nicotine is very hard to overcome. Electronic cigarettes can’t help you quit anymore than any device or drug that claims to do so. What they can do is mimic the act of smoking without smoke. The primary function of an e cigarette is to vaporize liquid that feels and tastes like smoke to the user. They are available without any nicotine at all. They are not a drug delivery device. They are a vaporizer of liquid, nothing more.

The truth is that while I feel it is safer for me, and even though there have been some studies done, I can’t tell you that it is any better for you than regular cigarettes. I can tell you for sure that cigarettes do have chemicals and agents in them that are proven to cause cancer, emphysema, and a host of other health related issues. Ultimately I believe that the choice should be left to individuals and not to the FDA. Soon the only choice we may have is e cigarettes without nicotine, or tobacco. I still choose my e cigarette.

If you are concerned about the safety of e cigarettes there has been thorough testing done on the Ruyan cartridges by a leading NZ researcher. I do not sell Ruyan brand cartridges or devices but assume that the basic composition is close for all manufacturers. The research paper is quite comprehensive so please study it carefully.

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