High-Drain Batteries for Sub-Ohm Coil Vaping Review

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A battery tends to give trouble when you are demanding too much from it. If you’re using standard atomizer or tank, the battery limitation isn’t much of a concern at all when it’s facing high resistances.

But in case you are using customized coils, particularly at sub-ohm (< 1 ohm) resistances, then it’s time to consider the rating of the battery. That’s why the High-Drain Batteries came into the existence. As we all know, with the popularity of the E-cig, everyone is now moving for their personal customized vapor.

Keeping this point in mind, we are here to tell you about the high drain batteries. Hopefully, this will help you to enjoy your vaping without any issue. Here’s a useful review on High-Drain Batteries which are available in the mods-batteries-type category at 180 Smoke Vape Shop.

Sony VTC5 IMR 18650 Battery 2600 mAh -30A

Sony VTC5 IMR 18650 Battery 2600 mAhThe Sony US18650VCT 3, 4, or 5   These models provide a maximum continuous discharge of 30 A. That makes them an ideal option for mech mod users. The VCT5 has the longest lifespan, but the 2100 mAh of the VCT4 and the 1600 mAh rating of the VCT3 are still right up there with the competition. These batteries make use of hybrid chemistry. With the added boost to the capacity that means you can vape for longer.

Efest 18650 Purple – 2500 mAh – 35 A
The new purple coated Efest pushes the maximum amp-load up, and provides a notably high capacity. These are the IMR batteries (Li-Mn), with 35 A and 30 A  (2100 mAh) options available.  35 A is considered as questionable by some, but the increased capacity puts it a step ahead of the competition in terms of wiggle-room.

Orbtronic 18650 SX30 – 2100 mAh – 30 A

The Orbtronic SX30 provides a great mixture of maximum amp load and capacity. This is considering as a good offering at 22 A maximum and 2000 mAh capacities. These batteries generally show excellent capacity. They are of high-quality, Japanese-made, and dependable.

Efest 18650 – 1600 mAh – 30 A

30 A is no doubt the highest maximum continuous discharge rate and Effect is one of the most well-known batteries. It is best combined with the standard range of red batteries, but they also have some lower-drain options.

EH IMR 18650 NP – 1600 mAh – 30 A

It is the best amp-ratings you can find in an 18650 battery. Manufactured by Sony, it is of high quality and with touch higher capacity. It’s a great option for mech mod users, and there’s also a 1500 mAh version that provides a respectable 22 A.


This is one of the highest maximum discharges rated battery recommended and available. It is favorite among vapers who are looking for a large amp draw over maximum capacity. There’s a 2000 mAh version available too. If you want it to last longer than must keep at on low amp. The performance and lifespan are notable at 5 or 10 A.

LG IMR 18650 HE2 – 2500 mAh – 20 A

What makes it stand out among the mob, the LG IMR 2500 has the excellent capacity. Many times it is also referred as the ICR (lithium cobalt chemistry), but they’re actually hybrids.

Samsung INR 18650-20R – 2000 mAh – 22 A

This is a hybrid style battery with safer chemistry and extended capacity technology. It performs pretty well in terms of battery life. If you use it at 10 amps, then it will last longer than the vast majority of 18650s available on the market.

MNKE IMR 18650 – 1500 mAh – 20 A

These batteries are of high maximum continuous amp rating and solid performance.  The one drawback of this battery is that they don’t last quite as long as other options.

AW IMR 18490 – 1100 mAh – 16A

IMR batteries are lithium-manganese which actually designed with a safer-chemistry option. The AW IMR 18490 is the only non 18650 battery on the list. If you are using a using a mod that allows you to use anything from an 18350 upwards, then 16.5 A rating is a pretty good option. They generally have a very good reputation regardless of size.

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