Electronic Cigarette Vocabulary

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Analog: Term for a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette: Also known as an e-cig. A piece of equipment that is made up of a rechargeable battery, and a heating element (atomizer), and a mouthpiece.

PV: Personal Vaporizer, another name used for an electronic cigarette.

Vaping: Using an electronic cigarette.

Vape: The action of vaping.

Vaper: A person who vapes.

Disposable: A one piece E-cig. Once the E-juice and/or battery is exhausted it is intended to be recycled or thrown away. Disposables are not rechargeable or refillable. A great way to try vaping without investing in a full kit.

Starter kit: A kit that provides a new vaper with everything they need to get started vaping.

Draw(ing): Triggering the E-cig to turn on and inhaling (dragging/puffing) on the mouthpiece.

Vapor: A cloud of mist that is produced when E-juice is heated in the atomizer and exhaled.

Resistance: A measurement of energy needed to operate the atomizer. The lower the resistance the hotter the coil can get, enabling it to vaporize more e-liquid on each draw. A hotter vape increases the TH (throat hit) and vapor production. The higher the resistance the cooler the atomizer burns, this results in more flavor.

TH (Throat Hit): The sensation you get as the vapor is inhaled into the back of your throat. Higher nicotine E-juice contains a stronger TH. Using a low resistance atomizer can also increase TH. Higher VG levels in E- juice can lower TH.

Atomizer: Also known as an atty. The heating element that is screwed onto your battery, that converts e-juice into vapor. The atty contains a bridge, a coil, a wick, and a threaded connector that screws into or onto the battery.

Bridge: The arched part of an atomizer that has a nickel mesh over it.

Coil: Heating element of the atomizer that heats and vaporizes the e-juice.

Wick: A small bundle of threads in the bridge that carry the e-juice down the bridge in the atomizer and to the coil.

Battery: Power supply for an electronic cigarette. Available in either automatic or manual styles.

Automatic Battery: A style of battery that turns on by detecting the air flow when you draw on the e-cig (supplies power to the atomizer).

Manual Battery: A style of battery that turns on by pressing a button on the side of the battery (supplies power to the atomizer).

Cartridge: A mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette that holds e-juice. To keep it from leaking out, the e-juice is held in place by a filler of some kind.

Cartomizer (Carto): A disposable mouthpiece that combines the E-juice cartridge with an atomizer. Though many companies will not tell you, cartomizers are refillable (on average 7-10 times) before wearing out.

Clearomizer (Clearo): A disposable mouthpiece that combines the E-juice cartridge with an atomizer. Identical to a cartomizer, with one exception. Cartomizers have a metal housing and clearomizers have a clear plastic housing. Clearomizers are considered disposable, but are refillable (on average 7-10 times) before wearing out.

Tankomizers (Tanko): A newly designed atomizer with no bridge. A tankomizer has a spike that punctures the Tank and feeds the juice from the Tank into the coil of the Tankomizer.

A refillable cartridge for use with a Tankomizer. It has no filler, and releases the e-liquid into the tankomizer by vacuum pressure.

Poly fill: A standard filler that retains the e-juice in cartridges and keeps it from leaking out.

Blue Foam: A foam material (blue colored) generally used in aquarium filters. Blue foam is usually used as a modification in cartridges rather than poly fill.

Mod: Modification. Modifying equipment to change it, making it better for your personal requirements.

Drip Tip: A specialized mouthpiece that is used instead of a cartridge. A drip tip fits onto the atomizer and allows dripping of e-juice directly into the atomizer.

Dripping: Using a drip tip on an atomizer and dripping about 3-4 drops of e-juice down the center of the drip tip into the atomizer. Dripping lasts about 7-10 draws before you need to re drip.

Dipping: The act of dipping the bridge of an atomizer into e-juice and allowing it to wick up some of the e-juice before attaching a mouthpiece and vaping. Dipping lasts about 7-10 draws before it is necessary to dip again.

E-juice: Also know as E-liquid. A liquid mix of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavor, and nicotine. Available in various nicotine strengths (or 0 nicotine if you choose), and in various flavors.

PEG: Polyethylene Glycol. The original solution used in E-juices. PEG has mostly been discarded because of having small amounts of diethylene glycol (a toxic ingredient found in antifreeze). It is still available however, so to be safe, before you make a purchase be sure to investigate exactly what it is you are getting.

PG (Propylene Glycol): The main ingredient in most E-juices. Commonly used in many products (soaps, medicines, cosmetics to name a few), and also a common food additive. Though unusual, minor allergic reactions can be had. Usually dryness of the mouth is a common reaction when using PG in E-cigs but this fades away over time.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin):
A more luxuriant and thicker substitute to PG. Most E-juices use a mix of PG and VG but pure VG juices can be purchased for vapers who have had undesirable reactions to PG. VG produces more vapor than PG, but it can cover up some of the lighter more delicate flavors. VG will also clog up atomizers more quickly.

Pass Through (PT): A constant source of power for an E-cig that, unlike a battery, never needs recharging. The pass through plugs into a standard 5v USB port. The atomizer is then screwed into the pass through. The pass through has a button like a manual battery. Pressing the button provides power to the atomizer.

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